Mr Eazi Lagos To Accra :The power of Mr Eazi is properly displayed in his storytelling and symbolism which bridges the cultures of Lagos and Accra.

Thank God for Mr Eazi. Thank God for the emergence of Tosin Ajibade who continuously works hard to earn everything that nature drops on his lap. Thank God for an artiste like this.

Mr Eazi who broke out in Nigeria mid-2016 is coming out with a new project. The singer, for all his recent troubles, has consistently championed hardwork as a way of life, and held firm in the belief that he will outwork and out-release every other artiste at his level.

He is doing that perfectly.

The final month of 2016 had him completely sell out his first ever Nigerian concert, as well as winning the prestigious Next Rated Act at the 2016 Headies, and Best New Artiste of the Year at the Inaugural Soundcity MVP Awards 2016.


Mr Eazi’s sophomore project, “Life is Eazi Vol. 1 – Lagos to Accra,” is ready to go, and the project is aggressively being promoted to all and sundry vai social media, paid campaigns. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other mediums are tools in his hands, promoting the EP and prepping Nigerian hearts for the release.

The mixtape will feature inputs from producers and prominent artistes including Masterkraft, Legendary Beatz, Del B, Maleek Berry, D-tunes, Wizkid, Olamide, Medikal, Mugeez R2beez, E-Kelly and Falz.

This in itself is a win. But that’s not where it ends.

Mr Eazi’s real strength is in his storytelling. A vivid mind that captures details via the clarity of his songwriting, Mr Eazi has consistently leaned on romance to convey his thoughts. He is all about women on his records, documenting all of his relationship with them all. Listening to Mr Eazi’s songs is like going through all the stages of a very romantic relationship.

In no particular order, he meets a girl, woos her heavily, she falls in love, they have sex, they connect deeply, the marriage proposal comes through, they marry, and life is such a beautiful wonderful place where Unicorns exists, and the champagne is always cold…while stars twinkle for hours on end.

That’s the world Mr Eazi creates. That’s the message that he sells to us all. And for the past year, we have all been willing audience. We have ‘oohed’, ‘aahed’, and threatened to spend all of our money on him.

But a very important part of his entire process and brand is his effort at marrying the two cultures that has birthed his artistry. Eazi as born in Nigeria, schooled in Ghana and found music. Then he is back with that music to Nigeria, and intends to funnel it in, while creating new work from Nigeria.

His new 11-track mixtape, which is heavily promoted by Apple Music, is a bi-culture gem. The official description captures this perfectly.

“The Accra to Lagos mixtape would surface the root sounds, dialects, energy and styles from the two cities which largely influence Mr. Eazi’s music, Accra and Lagos. It will be a journey as Eazi takes the listener from one city to the next beginning with five tracks reflecting the Ghanaian capital, and eventually ending up with five destination tracks from Lagos – all of these on either side of one “border” track which combines elements from both cities.”

That right there is where Mr Eazi’s strength comes from. That ability to bridge the culture via art, and continue a long history of shared creativity between both countries. And although he has taken the fall on many occasions for attempting to pull this off, he is undeterred and works hard at it. That is the source of his power.

There is no telling how far this strategy will take him, neither can we gauge how long the continent will be responsive to his quest. But it is working for now, and there-in, lie the power of Eazi.



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