JUSTICE LEAGUE: Coming November 2017

So coming to the DC cinematic universe on November 17th, 2017 is the much anticipated movie: Justice League. And I can’t wait. It stars of course the animated characters of the justice league franchise: Batman, played by Ben Affleck who debut this role as Batman in Batman Vs Superman) and Wonderwoman, played by Gal Gadot who also debut this role in Batman Vs Superman. However her solo movie, titled “Wonder Woman” is set to be released June 2nd 2017, several before the Justice League movie. See the official trailer for Wonder Woman.

Also starring in this movie is Aquaman, a role played by Jason Momoa. You all know him, the fella from Game of thrones, Kal Drogo, Daenerys’ husband. His solo movie as Aquaman will hit the cinema 21st December 2018. Also as member of the justice league in this movie is The Flash, played by Ezra Miller and Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher.

This movie will set the tone for other justice league franchises to come. So we are praying to God, Zack Snyder(the director of this movie) does not screw this up.

See trailer:

In other related news:

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Here is a new poster for Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, set to be released September 29, 2017. The movie will see the return of primary protagonists Egerton and Firth. Added to the cast are A-list names like Julianne Moore, Elton John and even Halle Berry.

No official trailer yet

War of the Planet of Apes

So come July 14th, 2017, we will be seeing the return to the big screen, the third installment of the Planet of Apes reboot series- War of the Planet of Apes.

Here is a peek into the official teaser trailer.

So that’s it guys. Till next time on more movie updates, Chaio!



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