So every couple looking forward to being married, fantasize about their wedding nights. It’s the dream of every aspiring groom and bride. That night is considered the most important, because it does not only signify the start of a life together, but also the sexual prowess of both partners, especially in a situation where both partners have never been intimate.

In movies or romance novels, we’ve been made to believe that such nights could determine the rise or fall of the couples’s sexual life in the future, so, making it perfect isn’t optional. But the truth is, such nights usually never go as planned. Sometimes, they don’t even happen.

Here are some hilarious confessions I’ve stumped upon that proves this fact and debunks whatever myth we’ve been made to believe. On that night, unlike popular belief, you might just want to:

  1. Cuddle: “We got so drunk on our wedding night that, we slept all through the night in each other’s arms instead. We didn’t even think about sex”

2. Rearrange: “Our hotel room was scattered. There were shoes here and there, cloth pins on the floor, heap of clothes on the bed and so many gifts. My wife and I spent literally all the night putting things in order”

3. Play video games: “That night, there was no ginger for sex at all. We played video game all through the night still we fell asleep”.

4. Look for your travelling documents: “My passport got missing. I couldn’t find it anywhere. We were supposed to leave the next day for our honeymoon. I cried all through”

5. Watch porn: “My wife fell asleep as soon as she had her bath, and I  made the mistake to go do the same. I walked back into the room only to find her snoring quietly away. So I watched porn”

6. Eat: We were so hungry when we got back to the hotel that we chose to eat all the leftovers. By the time we were done, we were too tired to even think of sex”.

7. Try and have sex: “My wife slept while we were at it. It was just so crazy!”

So you can see that sometimes, wedding nights don’t happen the way we want them to. So it is best that we do not let it define our future with our loved-ones. It’s okay to fantasize, but remember to keep an opened mind.



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