Online forex: Cryptocurrency investment gaining traction

Financial information is key in the world we live in. Fortunes are being made over time with timely awareness of new financial instruments by those who care or dare to invest. Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in the world we are now having been legally recognised as a medium of exchange. Cyptocurrencies are the future of currencies. According to a tweet by Vala Afshar @ValaAfshar in August 2016, “If you invested $100 on bitcoin in October 2009, you would have $75m now. -@ARKblockchain”. Crypocurrencies are of varieties, with the most popular and highly priced or valued being bitcoin. 1BitCoin as of the time of writing this article is N377,834 or $1,188. Others are litecoin, monero, ripple, dogecoin, dash, MaidSafeCoin, lisk, storjcoin X and onecoin. I wrote an article on e-dinar cryptocurrency sometime in June 2016 to encourage investment in edinar cryptocurrency.

According to the website, for cryptocurrencies, like any other assets (think of stocks or property), price can rise and fall quickly, making them highly volatile and risky investments. Of recent, the fall of the ponzi scheme, MMM, in Nigeria necessitated a jump in the price of bitcoin cryptocurrency as investors were told they would be paid in bitcoin; hence, the rush to open a bitcoin account.

The highly rated cryptocurrencies were once at a par value with the United States dollars, equivalent when at introductory and mining stage. Hence, investment in cryptocurrencies now (except for purpose of trading) is best done at this period, thus, the introduction of E-Dinar, which is still at the introductory stage and at a par value of 1EDC to a dollar (EDC is an abbreviation for EDinar Coin). Who knows, your investment of $100 on E-Dinar now could be worth millions in few years to come.

A guide towards investing in E-Dinar cryptocurrency could be by:

Having an up-liner for guidance and update always. Registering with an upliner link. Use Enter your account name which should beginning with edc and your own preferred six numbers. Eg. edc146789. Make sure the account name has not been used by another person. This will appear on your screen if rejected. Enter your password, which should be a minimum of eight characters. Better to combine letters, digits and special characters. Confirm the same password. Check the ‘I agree’ box and click ‘Create account’. Unlock your wallet with your password. A brain key consisting of 16 words will be created. Copy these and paste where demanded. Please keep your brain key safe. It can be saved as a draft in your email box. It is required anytime you want to log into your account. You are good to go.

Registration not under the above will not be attended to for updates or enquiries.

Opportunity to be added to a group for latest and timely updates

Funding of your account through perfect money, bitcoin, and others or through internal transfers from  investors who want to sell part of their bonuses earned so far on E-Dinar coin. You can get at cheaper rate from me.

E-Dinar, in its introductory or mining stage, now has multilevel earning opportunities if you introduce a minimum of five other clients under you. Also it has the advantage of 20 per cent monthly earning with a minimum of $200 investment and minimum of 1EDC daily transfers between you and other users. Some other conditions are also stated or will be communicated to you in the group chat.

Seminars are also available at the office address below every Tuesdays at a token of N6,000. Payment can also be made for video materials for those who cannot make it to the seminars due to distance or other reasons.

E-Dinar mining is expected to finish by December 2017; you have the opportunity of investing now. For more enquiries call the numbers below or visit the office.

Happy Easter Celebration!!!

Market tips for the week, Monday, April 17 – Friday, APril 21, 2017

Entry (SEP) and exit (TP/SL) could also be at trader’s discretion.  Entry (SEP) and exit (TP/SL) may also occur on or before or in-between the stipulated period. Please keep within suggested entry price. Money management strictly is advised.

Signals based on weekly chart analysis and expected pullbacks

USDJPY LATER BUY: SEP between 108.10 – 108.47. TP1: 110.26 SL:107.65

GBPUSD LATER SELL: SEP between 1.2524– 1.2574. TP: 1.2375 SL: 1.2620

Visit our website or Ikeja office (2nd Floor. 67, Obafemi Awolowo Way, By Olowu bus stop). Call or mail to attend and register for our March 2017 and April 2017 annual tuition free training. Only facility fee applies. Our E-Dinar cryptocurrency lectures on Tuesdays hold for a fee N6,000. Call 08039391041, 08148405500 or send a mail to,, or



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