So there are speculations that the 1988 classical love and drama movie “Coming to America” is going to have a sequel.

For those who may have forgotten what the movie was like(although I seriously doubt this because we all know Coming to America was a massive hit!) or have never seen it before, here is a quick reminder:

Apparently, from the information I gathered, Eddie Murphy tweeted about it.

Even though the tweet was deleted shortly after, it did create a division among the classic fans of the first movie instalment. Apparently, not everyone fancied the idea.

There are talks that this sequel would be written by Eddie Murphy, it is however uncertain if he’ll feature in the movie. But we all know that there will be no Coming to America, without Eddie Murphy. It was his debut into stardom. And who knows? this upcoming sequel might be his comeback into the movie world. I guess we will have to keep our fingers crossed.

But before I head out, I’d like to know what your take is about it.

Seen the first instalment in 1988? How do you feel about it having a second instalment, 30 years later?




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