FATE OF THE FURIOUS-No.1 in Box Office

So rocking at the top in the box office this week, is the 8th instalment of Fast of Furious known as “The Fate of The Furious”(See trailer above). It has grossed over $163million since 10 days of release, with budget of about $38.8million. Even though its current turnover is considered sluggish, it is said to be doing better than the previous instalments.

The latest Furious is following a pattern Hollywood has been seeing for a few years now – aging action franchises that do gangbusters in China anchoring sturdy international runs while domestic grosses see some form of erosion. Fate pulled in a stellar $58.5M in China this weekend propelling the total there to $319M after just ten days which already makes it the number two U.S. film in history in that market as it passes the $319M of Transformers: Age of Extinction. It is now trailing only the $390.5M of Furious 7 among Hollywood blockbusters.

Driven by this continued success, Fate pushed its incredible overseas tally to $744.8M and saw the worldwide cume climb to an incredible $908.4M. Vin Diesel and team will crack the billion dollar mark before the end of April on their way to a possible finish of over $1.2 billion. To date, the eight Fast & Furious films have grossed a combined $4.81 billion, or more than $600M a piece on average. The durable franchise has come a long way since the first movie in 2001 which cost only $38M to produce.

Despite what would seem it’s success, this new instalment was rated 66% by the famous box office critics- Rotten tomatoes, which was a fall from the last instalment rating of 79%. But we all know that when it comes to fast cars and family, no one really gives a damn.

It’s however also unfortunate, that right here in Nigeria, we may not never get the chance of seeing this movie on big screen. Apparently, from what I learnt recently, Universal Studios is having a spat with Nigerian Cinemas.

I’m literally weeping.

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