Seen Luke cage: Season 1?

Daredevil: Season 1 & 2?

Jessica Jones?

What about Iron fist?

Well you might wanna go over to Netflix to see them because by August 18th, Marvel is going to be releasing their new Avengers called The Defenders, as a TV series, starring these four remarkable characters and I’m sure you do not want to miss it. See trailer above

Also coming out on July 27th, 2017 is Dark tower, starring Idris Alba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor e.t.c. The story was taken from the best-selling novel of the same tile, written by Stephen King

See trailer below


So on June 2, 2017, coming to the cinemas is “Wonderwoman” and I’m sure you do not want to miss this.

See trailer below

While in November, Thor will turn for its third instalment titled “Thor- Ragnarok. Here we will be seeing the total fall of Asgard, the destruction of Thor’s hammer and who knows what Loki will be up to, this time?

See trailer below: 



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