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So if you haven’t seen King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, you shouldn’t be here. This is a Spoiler Alert! because I’m going to be giving us a round down of what I think went wrong in this movie and you may not like it.

But if on the other hand, you are dying to see if this movie is worth the watch, then by all means, tag along with me. For those who’ve seen the movie, please note that you have the right the object to anything I have to say today or disagree or start a spat with me…lolx. anything. I’m opened to whatever.

So to my reviews.

But before I run them down, here is a quick reminder to what the movie was all about.

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King Arthur: Legend of the sword was a beautiful movie, thanks to the graphics, acting and familiar faces. There was Charlie Hunman in there, who played the lead character. Remember Sons of Anarchy (the tv series)? that pretty dude? Yeah, that’s him. Do you know he was initially cast for the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey? Unfortunately, due to some scheduling conflict and the fact that he is a man of his words, the role went to Dornan instead. If he had chosen to act Christian Grey, trust me, ladies would have had sleepless night from generation to generation. Him, with all the swag…sex appeal…Woof!!! I’m even sweating thinking of it.

Anyway, I loved his humor and of course charisma in this movie-King Arthur. The part suited him and he of course nailed it.

It was also refreshing to see Jude Law. I don’t know but that dude always gives me the chills every time. His eyes are indeed incredible and he played his role just right.

Then of course David Beckham, the star of the moment. Even though he played  literally only a 5 mins role in the film, it was refreshing to see a footballer, turned actor; his very first debut in movies. And He did well.

But enough with the praises, I’m sure that isn’t why you are reading it. These are certainly not the criticisms I’m here to give. So here they are.

1.. The character called ‘George’: Okay, for those who’ve seen the movie, you might be wondering where  I’m going with this. Well, we all know there was a series of flash-forwards in the movie, elucidating how Arthur grew and how he became a man. I think those flash forwards took only about 5-8 minutes  in the movie. Did you notice that in those flash-forwards that Arthur met George(a character played by Tom Wu) for the first time when he was a little boy(let’s say 7 years old)? According to the flash-forwards, Arthur would occasionally visit George’s Dojo to watch older men fight and to run errands for George. Eventually, he did take interest in fighting and wasn’t allowed to fight until he was much older.

Did you notice that that George looked the same from that moment till Arthur grew into a man?Apparently, the man didn’t even age. From the movie, it was obvious George was only a fighting tutor and not some magical being. So how come he didn’t age?

2.  Arthur’s survival: So in the movie, King Urthur, His wife and little Arthur tried to escape the siege. Apparently they got to a little boat and Arthur(who was still a toddler at the time) was put into it. Unfortunately the little man of about three or four years old watched  his mother get killed and also his father. And just like that he was able to peddle the canoe away from shore long enough for Demon Knight to not go after him?

Emm, I’m sure you can see my confusion.

3. The Blacklands: So I don’t know about you but I think it was unfair for the movie to show us only bits and pieces of the blacklands. From some of the clips we saw, it was obvious that those scenes would have made a good adventure. It would have been nice to see how Arthur defeated those creature. But anyway, I guess they couldn’t show us everything….or perhaps,they didn’t want to.

4. The Unexpected “F” word: So Arthur-the legend of the sword was never R-rated even though being a medieval movie centered on a British myth, it had all the right to use foul languages. There were no adult scenes, no pornography and less use of blood. Somehow, the movie was going on pretty well without the use of these obscure languages when all of a sudden, the f-word jumped out from someone’s mouth. It was so sudden and unexpected that I had to look at my companion and be like:”What just happened?”.

Anyway, I think the editor should have edited that scene. If they wanted to use foul languages, they should have used it more often.  But the again, what do I know about movie production?

Well, besides all these short comings, King Arthur was still an interesting watch. If you haven’t seen it, I think you should. Leave Guardians of the Galaxy and Fate of the furious aside for now and take a trip into the medieval era to take a drink from some old classical tales filled with amazing graphics.

So till next time when I’ll be throwing some slaps at Fast and Furious a.k.a Fate of the furious, Kisses!



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