So if you are a movie buff and you haven’t seen Wonderwoman yet, I’m just here rolling my eyes and wondering why you call yourself a movie buff anyway. Like seriously; there is no way you are a movie buff and haven’t seen wonder-woman yet. I mean no disrespect but will you be kind enough to refute the title please, or quickly go over to the cinemas to see it before I throw spoilers at you?

Tomorrow is Wednesday and movies in the cinemas are usually at less prices but  I don’t think there is gonna be any promo for Wonder-woman even though it’s been out for over two weeks and had gross over $500 million dollars since its debut. Apparently, cinema houses have no intention of reducing the prices just yet, perhaps because people are still trooping in to see it. So sorry, in case you are one of those people who wait for Wednesday to see movies at lesser prices, you’ll still have to pay N1,500- N2000 to see it.

And oh yeah, the movie is in 3D. Trust me, it will be a great idea to see it in 3D. I think that costs an additional fee of N1000 if you do not have the 3D  glasses already.

Here is quick reminder of what the movie looks like

Press Play>>

So okay, while you are still making up your mind if to go on Wednesday or any of the weekends coming, let me quickly drop my reviews of the movie, then perhaps you can decide if the movie is worth the time, effort and money.


  1. The Plot: First of all, I’m a huge fan of DC comics because they have a great way of creating plots that make sense. While Marvel is usually out to thrill and entertain the  crowd, DC takes its time to build its plots and create indepth stories that are not only engaging but also entertaining. For someone like me who is usually out for plots and storylines, I really enjoyed the plot and we got to know how the amazons came into existence and why.
  2. The Comic: So without being said, all good stories should have a good comical side. I enjoyed the comic. Even though DC is known for its sternness in movies, it was refreshing to watch a movie that made me laugh a little and looked forward for more.
  3. The Action: Wonderwoman was packed full of thrilling action and of course slow motions that kept us out of our seats.
  4. The Picture quality and Graphics: The graphics of course did alot of the work in this movie. The picture quality was superb. I didn’t have to squint my eyes to watch a dark scene and all that.
  5. Less adult content: This movie was rated 15 and rightly so. I applaud it for keeping most of the adult content that plagues most movies of these days to the barest minimum.
  6. The actors: Gal Gadot remains the best actress for Wonderwoman, take it or leave it.. I haven’t seen anyone who plays it better than her. Besides her really hot body, her poise and expression seems to nail the character to the spot. Even though I was initially skeptical  that she was more of a model than an actress, she’s been doing really well with this role. Her initial debut in Superman VS Batman shocked me, her current role amazed me and I can wait to see what she does in the forthcoming Justice League.


  1. The British/Irish accent: I loathe british accent. yeah yeah, I get the fact that Great Britain was our colonial masters and so we should be masters of their language as well, if possible be more appreciative that they speak better English than most continents combined. But you see the thing is, as Africans we want to be able to watch a movie without turning to the next person who looks more confused than we are about what was said. I mean, I literally could not understand most of the conversations that took place in the movie.
  2. Too much graphics: The reason I love Game of thrones and hate Spartacus is because the graphics were so minimal that they made the actions look so real. Unfortunately Wonder woman had too much graphics that at a point, I could literally imagine someone playing a PS 4 at the other side of the screen and selling it to us.

And that is all

You can see that even though I had several reservations about the movie, the pros outshone the cons. So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please go see it. I wanna read what you think.






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